New Studies Confirm Safety of Home Birth Midwives in the US

Trending Among American Doctors: Obstetricians, Labor Nurses, and Other Medical Professionals Choosing to Have Their Babies at Home 


British Regulators Urges Home Births over Hospitals for Uncomplicated Pregnancies

   Home is where we are most comfortable and able to relax. Anxiety and fear are lessened at home, which decreases adrenaline and allows the body to work optimally and often with less pain. Healthy women experiencing a normal pregnancy are as safe choosing home birth with a professional attendant present as they would be in a hospital.

  The ability to tune into your own body and move as needed, to eat and drink as desired, to make whatever sounds you wish, and to decide who you want to be with during labor and birth empowers a woman and supports her in a healthy satisfying manner. A home birth eliminates the need to interrupt the labor process, get into a car and drive to a hospital.

  Women feel strengthened by birth instead of feeling that they gave up control of their bodies and were rescued by others. According to Dr. Michel Odent, silence and privacy are basic needs while giving birth. Having a skilled midwife quietly standing by creates a supportive environment, allowing a woman to experience the profound nature of birth.

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  Immediately after birth, the infant, mother and partner are undisturbed, allowing time for them to bond with each other and their family. Breastfeeding is more successful at home and will usually occur spontaneously when the process is uninterrupted. Naturally occurring hormones encourage the birth of the placenta and protect against postpartum hemorrhage.

The baby is introduced to a family full of love rather than a hospital room full of strangers and germs.


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   Home birth is a safe option for low risk, healthy women.  Home birth midwives create a safe birthing environment in your home while maintaining the home environment.  We carry equipment to the home such as: dopplers for listening to the baby's heart rate, oxygen, suctioning equipment, IV fluids, medications to stop a postpartum hemorrhage and suturing equipment. We are trained in resuscitation. 

   There is less unnecessary intervention at home creating fewer problems. If the rare problem develops and a hospital is needed, we will transfer to the hospital of your choice or to the closest facility if necessary. We will stay with you throughout the transfer and the birth of your baby. We will resume your postpartum care when you return home.


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   When you choose homebirth, you are choosing an option that provides many benefits, including a less stressful environment and birthing experience.  You are also choosing to engage acitvely in your own pregnancy. It is important that you take good care of yourself by eating well, drinking plenty of fluids, getting proper rest and exercise. This is all part of the process you will undertake with the help of your midwife.  As you move through that process you will gain confidence in your body's natural ability to give birth.

 If questions or fears come up, you should discuss them with your midwife. Feeling safe and secure is important.

 You are encouraged to plan for several days or weeks of support at home after the birth.  Many women experience an adrenaline surge and want to get up and start doing things. It is most beneficial for mother and baby to have lots of rest, breastfeeding and snuggling time.

 Some conditions will rule out a homebirth, but for a woman in good health, with the support of her birth partner and a skilled midwife, giving birth at home is a wonderful, unique experience.



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